CHESS In The Library

Learn whilst playing chess to improve reading and develop numerical and verbal aptitudes.


  • Must be between the age of 15 to 20 years.
  • Must be resident in Ghana.
  • Must have access to computer or phone.
  • Must have internet access.
  • Must be S.H.S student, J.H.S / S.H.S leaver.

To close of registration

Online Chess Training

The Ghana Library Authority in collaboration with the Ghana Chess Association is organizing an online chess training dubbed, “Chess in the library” which will benefit the youth in the country.

The online training aims at targeting our youth who would be home as a result of COVID-19 which has made the government shut down schools in Ghana. This intervention has become necessary since students can make good use of their time while at home.


  • To learn whilst playing chess.
  • To improve reading ability.
  • To develop both numerical and verbal aptitudes of students.
  • For students to employ creativity, constant evaluation and analysis during a chess game.
  • For students to develop or remediate thinking skills.

Training Details

  • The deadline for registration is 8th January, 2021.
  • One month online chess training from 10th January, 2021 to 5th Febuary, 2021.
  • The training will be 3 times in a week.
  • Contact hours for a day is one (1) hour.
  • In order to be part of the programme, visit our GhLA website or click the button below to register.
  • Access will be given to first come first served.
  • Zoom platform will be used for the training.
  • Once registered, the zoom link, the username and password will be sent to your email.