Read for 40 days and win a device.

Join the reading train now!!!.


The Ghana Library Authority in collaboration with Smartline Publishing Ltd wishes to introduce the ‘Vacation Reading Challenge’ to students nationwide. This is a Reading Book Marathon running across 40 days this school holiday from the 23rd of July to the 31st of October, 2022. It is open for all students from the Basic School to Senior High School.


The aim of this Challenge, dubbed ‘Avoiding the Summer Slide’ is to ensure that those essential literacy skills and gains students make in reading and academics during the school year are not lost in those months that they are on holidays. As the saying goes, “Reading is like food for the Brain!”


Students can register by joining one of the four categories based on their school level to gain access to a digital library that they will and can continue to use for one whole year after the challenge. The Scholastic Litpro library that consists of over 2,500 fiction and non-fiction e-books, across an array of genres, will give children the opportunity to choose what they can and want to read.

Registration also includes a reading assessment test for participants to check their reading level to get the best book recommendations for them.


GH ₵250 for each participant (Scholastic Litpro Library Package)



Find below amazing prizes for Participants who read the most books in their category.

Category School Level Winning Prize
Early Reader Club Class 1-3 Amazon Fire Kid’s Tablet
Young Reader Club Class 4-6 Lenovo Touchscreen Laptop
Pre-Teen Reader Club JHS 1-3 Lenovo Touchscreen Laptop
Teen Reader Club SHS 1-3 ASUS 14.6 inch Laptop


1. Each grand prize winner will also win a set of premium books for their school from Smartline and Scholastic, the biggest children’s book publisher in the world!

2. Two runners-up will be selected from each category to win some great prizes as well!

3. All winners will be announced at the end of the programme.


1. Students get the opportunity to optimize their time by reading.

2. Students get their reading-level appropriate materials to read.

3. Students have their own personalized bookshelf filled with titles aligned with their interest.

4. Students expand their vocabulary and expand their knowledge base.

5. Students get to know their Lexile score by taken the LitPro Test

6. Most prolific reader at each category is rewarded.

GhLA Benefits

1. Students get know the significant role that Public libraries play in Ghana.

2. The library get 10% commission of anyone who sign-up to the programme either through the GhLA website or other means with referral code “GHLA”.

3. Increase in patronage of GhLA Literacy activities.

About Scholastic Literacy Pro Library

Scholastic Literacy Pro Library, is a levelled e-book library that compliments Literacy Pro with over 2,500 levelled e-books. It supports the independent reading process with several features, including optional read-aloud, clickable vocabulary words, and the ability for students to record themselves reading the book out loud for the teacher to listen for review. The program records the number of words a student reads and how long it takes them to read for monitoring purposes. Teachers are able to assign books to individual students or to entire classes for reading practice.

Scholastic Literacy Pro is a proven program that provides item-level adaptive assessment and personalized book lists to maximize student reading achievement.

Scientific and Research-Based Scholastic Literacy Pro is powered by the Lexile® Framework for Reading.

A Lexile (L) is a unit of measurement. It measures the two key components of reading comprehension on the same scale:

  • Students’ reading comprehension level assessed by the LitPro Test.
  • Text complexity determined by computer analysis of its semantics and syntax.


A license costs GH ₵60 and it's valid for a year. Meaning the user can take multiple tests during the valid period to monitor progress.